The number of people that have come through our community and have joined the industry is now at



Im super happy that I found this community and without it im sure I wouldn’t have a position in the industry. Artstation

Nathan Mackenzie

I have to say the community is pretty damn awesome. It’s both extremely friendly and extremely helpful. Posting your work and getting constructive feedback and suggestions is a breeze. And overall, it’s amazing to talk with people from all over the world about game design or just any random topic. As a bonus, there’s hover dad DiNusty! Artstation

Dylan Amos

Finding Jeremy’s stream and becoming a part of the discord community is undoubtedly the most important and game changing part of my 3D journey.
Every aspect from watching the stream, getting and giving feedback to chatting with like minded people helps me grow as an artist but also as a person.
It’s a privilege i’m very grateful of and I hope many more will get the same opportunity as I have. Artstation

Emil Skriver

This community is so helpful if you want to learn more about game art.
There are a lot of awesome people here that are willing to help you get the most out of your art. Artstation

Justin Jager

Jeremy has built a truly amazing community where we all push each other to become the very best we can be. Joining was the best decision to kick start my career. We are a tight knitted and focused bunch of 3D artists walking in the same direction, and if you are serious about getting into the games industry then this is the place to be. It won’t be long until you consider this another family of yours. Artstation

Abel Dopazo

At school I couldn’t find a way with the teachers and such, because they don’t have the knowledge I need.
In this community I found people who like the same things as I do: 3D art. I could ask questions and feedback from the guys here.
Made some amazing friends who support me in what I do and like.
What I really like about this community that it is fun and cosy and it gives you your daily dose of amazing art and people.
To have people around who like the same things and support you in what you want to do is absolutely priceless. Artstation

Brian van der Vegt

We are split all around the world and still we do have the same goal, grow and become some real good artists.
Helping each others, Advising and having fun summarize our days.
Personally, being in this community is one of the best things which happened to me this year !
It helps me in my work but it also make me grow as a person !
We’re calling it an Empire, but in my opinion we’re much more like a family.
So for that, thank you Guys and thank you Din! Artstation

Kevin Mellier

I am very happy to be a member of, and a supporter of the Empire community. It is incredible to be surrounded by so many passionate artists. Not only does it inspire me artistically, but it also inspires me to help others.

Jeremy sets a great model of how a strong and growing community should function. It is important to be open and share information, whether it be technical, art related, or even supporting each other through ups and downs. By doing this we strengthen our ability to breakthrough barriers, and as a result we create better art together. I hope that you will join us along the way! Artstation

Derwin Prince Jr.