Meet the Mods


Robin Rumpunen

Hey, I’m Robin also known as Reed! I like cats and moderating stuff, feel free to message me about anything. Oh, and I am a Prop artist for Massive Entertainment. check out his Artstation HERE

Miranda Holland

Miranda is an environment artist from Orlando, Florida. She previously worked for E2i Creative Studios and at Canon U.S.A in their Mixed Reality division. Shes super cool and super easy going. Check out her Artstation HERE

James Lucas

James is a texture artist from Sydney, Australia.
He enjoys breaking things so he can fix them as well as collecting (and playing!) old gaming consoles. Check out his Artstation HERE

Abel Dopazo

Hey there! I’m Abel and I am an Environment Artist. I love music, 3D and anything with an engine in it! If you need something hit me up and I’ll help you. check out his Artstation HERE