The roughness is just right and the bevels aren’t too tight

Welcome to the Empire, the DiNusty Empire. This is a community of artists striving to get better at what they do as well as helping fellow artists improve along the way. From suggestions on what to create to critiques on personal work to portfolio reviews, you can find it all right here. Join the discord below for all your art needs and take a look at the Twitch link for streams by DiNusty himself.

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The number of people that have come through our community and have joined the industry is now at


At school I couldn’t find a way with the teachers and such, because they don’t have the knowledge I need.
In this community I found people who like the same things as I do: 3D art. I could ask questions and feedback from the guys here.
Made some amazing friends who support me in what I do and like.
What I really like about this community that it is fun and cosy and it gives you your daily dose of amazing art and people.
To have people around who like the same things and support you in what you want to do is absolutely priceless. Artstation

Brian van der Vegt

Im super happy that I found this community and without it im sure I wouldn’t have a position in the industry. Artstation

Nathan Mackenzie


Jeremy Estrellado or DiNusty.
This is the man that started this community. He is a seasoned professional in the video game industry and is currently a senior environment artist working out of Massive Entertainment, a Ubisoft studio. His past works include but are not limited to Tom Clancey’s The Division, Forza Motorsport 5 and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Jeremy loves to continue upgrading his skill set and in turn loves to help others improve which is why he started this community. Check out his portfolio HERE

Meet the Mods

Robin Rumpunen

Hey, I’m Robin also known as Reed! I like cats and moderating stuff, feel free to message me about anything. Oh, and I am a Prop artist for Massive Entertainment. check out his Artstation HERE

Miranda Holland

Miranda is an environment artist from Orlando, Florida. She previously worked for E2i Creative Studios and at Canon U.S.A in their Mixed Reality division. Shes super cool and super easy going. Check out her Artstation HERE

James Lucas

James is a texture artist from Sydney, Australia.
He enjoys breaking things so he can fix them as well as collecting (and playing!) old gaming consoles. Check out his Artstation HERE

Abel Dopazo

Hey there! I’m Abel and I am an Environment Artist. I love music, 3D and anything with an engine in it! If you need something hit me up and I’ll help you. check out his Artstation HERE

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